Our Resource Partners

Although we are independent, we have successfully surrounded ourselves with leading resource partners, whose technology and solutions all serve to help us improve the experience and opportunity for our clients.

Charles Schwab

We have selected Charles Schwab to provide custodian services and back office support for our firm. In addition to Schwab’s strength, size and industry reputation, it was founded on the principles of safety and soundness and takes extraordinary measures to ensure client assets are secure. One of the largest and most trusted custody firms in the country, Schwab has generated over $11 billion in net revenues and $3.6 trillion in total client assets. The United States government has deemed Charles Schwab one of the country’s nine systemically important financial institutions.

Sanctuary Wealth

Sanctuary Wealth is a hybrid financial firm defined by its unique open platform, Partnered Independence. We are part of Sanctuary’s elite network of advisors who have gained the freedom, flexibility and control of being an independent fiduciary. Through Sanctuary, we have the support systems we need to keep our focus on our clients.


As part of our technology-enabled client experience, we use eMoney Advisor’s breakthrough software to help our clients maintain financial clarity. The platform includes an intuitive interface that you can view on any device and planning and collaboration tools that help simplify the wealth management process. eMoney serves more than 2.9 million investors, tracks more than $2 trillion in aggregated assets and is used by 46 out of the nation’s top 50 broker-dealers.


We also utilize Orion’s integrated solution for personalized reporting, trading and portfolio rebalancing. Through Orion’s unique tech capabilities like apps, video portfolio reviews and digitized reporting, we can implement our fully personalized wealth management process in a manner that is efficient and convenient for our clients. For the last 20 years, Orion has been helping advisors deliver custom financial solutions efficiently. Their relationships represent $650 billion in client assets among 1,500+ advisory firms across the country.

We are excited for the opportunity to get to know you and learn how we can help plan your financial future.